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Backup Mon March 21

Alphatrends.net is back up and content is available for subscribers, thanks for your patience.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Correct Web Address

From this day forward all updates will be made at ALPHATRENDS.NET alphatrends.blogspot.com will no longer be updated.

There is very good free trading information from Ino that you can access by clicking the banner below.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Subscription Service Details

On April 4, 2006 I started posting market commentary and stock ideas to Alphatrends. Over the last 2 years my average weekday audience has grown to over 9,000 uinque viewers (based on last month of traffic) and my videos have become the #1 most subscribed financial videos on Youtube. If you have been one of the people who helped me grow to these levels I thank you for your trust in my analysis. Just after this 2 year anniversary, I am taking a new direction and am starting a subscription based product in collaboration with the fast rising and awesome www.stocktwits.com

I realize that this decision will upset some of you but it is also a business decision that I am sure you would agree makes sense if you were in my position. I will continue to offer limited free content on this site with general market observations, but if you are truly interested in a focus on finding stock ideas like some recent big winners I have mentioned, short sales like CELG and DVA and longs like FEED, QSII (and may others) then this service is something I would strongly encourage you to subscribe to. Trading stocks and helping others become more successful in the market are both things I am truly passionate about and I think that you will not be let down by the quality and consistency of information offered in this new product, I am truly excited! Below are details of what the subscription will encompass.

End of day video technical analysis of US market trends via some of the most liquid products traded, Exchange Trade Funds (ETF’s). ETF’s are used in the analysis because volume can be measured and analyzed in ETF’s, while trading volume is not available for all of the benchmark averages. Each day after the market closes you will have access to a high resolution video featuring the technical analysis from Brian.
This analysis will cover the Nasdaq 100 (QQQQ), S&P 500 (SPY), Russell 2000 (IWM), and 2 other ETF’s which will be chosen by the subscribers. The choices will be based on some of the most liquid and relevant sectors in the market such as: Financials (XLF), Semiconductors (SMH), Gold (GLD), Oil (USO), Retailers (RTH), Real Estate (IYR), Homebuilders (XHB), etc… This is a unique service which allows your voice to be heard, all requests will be handled by messaging through twitter. If you trade leveraged ETF’s the analysis of the underlying sector can be used to guide your decisions in those products. Keep in mind that leveraged ETFs have their own unique risks including an imperfect relationship to the underlying ETF. In the interest of time, not all of these products can be covered on a regular basis.

In addition to the daily market review video there will be a video which covers individual stock trends. This video will be made available at least three times per week; it will offer trading ideas for the next day (usually posted no later than 10 PM EST). This video will take a look at stocks which appear poised for directional movement (long and short) in the short term. Discussion includes potential entry levels where momentum may pickup as well as “worst case” stops for traders. The idea is not to lay out exactly how to trade a stock, but to point you in the right direction to find the stocks that may find momentum in the short term. Each individual will have their favorites amongst the stocks covered; it is up to you to decide which ones are best for you based on your own unique circumstances including but not limited to; risk tolerance, level of patience, capital resources available, time available to watch the market, etc. Please remember that RISK MANAGEMENT IS ALWAYS JOB #1 and you should NEVER commit more than 10% of your trading capital to any one individual idea. If you trade options, this number should never be more than 2% of your risk capital.

Each Sunday evening from 8 -9 PM Est., there will be a live analysis of the markets (which will also be recorded and archived for premium members to view at their convenience). This analysis will feature stocks ideas from Brian as well as stocks requested by viewers. We will also cover general trading ideas and there will be a live chat component which allows you to be directly involved.
Approximately once per month there will be bonus educational live events covering topics that are most relevant to what the subscribers are interested in. Possible subjects will include: VWAP, Pivot Analysis, Interpreting Volume, After Hours Trading, Fibonacci, How to Use Level 2, etc..

This product IS FOR YOU if you:
- Are interested in finding good stocks before they make short term moves.
-Are willing to trade long and short.
-Do not need your hand held for each trade.
-Are looking for opportunity in overlooked stocks you may have never heard of as well as the names you already know.
- Are interested in learning and applying strong risk management to your trades.
- Value honest and objective analysis of market and stock trends.
- Are willing to make each trade your own and accept that ultimate responsibility for each trade is YOURS.

This product IS NOT FOR YOU IF you:
- Expect that every trade will be a winner.
- Are interested in good story or news about why a stock is moving.
- Are unable to sell losers quickly.
- Are more interested in debating the merits of a company and their business than taking a trading position in a stock.
-Want to hear long stories about why XYZ may or may not be a good company.
- Try to pick tops and bottoms in trends.
- If you are looking for perfection, you will find it no where.

The price of this service will be $59/ month or $500 for a full year (30% savings). You will see this site completely change in the next 24 hours and there will be a signup page at that time.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Stock Market Trend Analysis Video 4/17/09

Final FREE Live event Sunday April 19 at 8PM Eastern you can REGISTER HERE This event will likely fill up so be sure to register early. Once again, NO EMAILS if there is a stock (ONLY ONE PER PERSON) you would like me to look at, twitter requests ONLY, thanks. First come, first serve and I guarantee there will not be time for all of them.

We will follow the same format
1- Market Analysis
2- General Questions (only accepted through one twitter post, 140 characters ((-:, be concise)
3- Stocks I am looking at
4- Reader stocks- Limited time for this **NO MORE REQUESTS, Sunday 2:15PM EST**

I will also talk about the new Premium product and what you can expect so please hold all questions until Monday, thank you.

Stock Market Trend Analysis 4/17/09 from brian shannon on Vimeo.

Shorts On The Run

Short sellers continue to fight the same battle longs fought most of last year, the battle of momentum. Whatever your reasons for being long or short are, ONLY PRICE PAYS. It has been very easy on the bulls lately and a lot of garbage stocks are moving higher, this type of activity typically comes late in the bullish cycle. As long as momentum remains strong don’t fight it but have one foot halfway out the door, particularly in the little stocks.


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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Stock Market Video Trend Analysis 4/16/09

Buyers Maintain Control

The Nasdaq is back above the rising 5 DMA and prior resistance levels held as support in the SPY, XLF and IWM. Short sellers are still early.